Shein Order and Delivery Disputes: What To Do If Not Delivered!

Shein adopts a slightly different policy compared to other Chinese e-commerce websites when it comes to online dispute resolution. It does not have an in-built ODR platform and does not accept arbitration or mediation by any institution anymore, except in the US.

So what should you do if you fell victim to a scam or faced an unpleasant experience such as not receiving your order?

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get a refund or a return from Shein, and this guide will show you exactly how.

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Shein Policy on Online Dispute Resolution

When it comes to adopting ODR, Shein lags behind significantly compared to other e-commerce websites. Here’s a summary of its policy in the US, EU, UK, and Asia.

1. The United States:

Users and consumers in the United States are the only exceptions when it comes to online dispute resolution with Shein. When disputes related to Shein services or terms, US citizens are invited to follow these steps:

  • Start the initial dispute resolution, which will take place via email. Shein prompts you to contact them at [email protected] to address any concerns. According to Shein, most disputes are solved in this stage. These negotiations cannot be skipped or avoided by either party.
  • Agreement to binding Arbitration with Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS). If the initial dispute resolution does not succeed to resolve your claim within 30 days, either party can initiate arbitration with JAMS. If you initiate it, you will pay the filing fee that must not exceed $250.

Shein will pay any addition stated by JAMS as well as the arbitration expenses. Moreover, Shein will reimburse any portion of the $250 filing fee that is more than what you would otherwise have to pay to file suit in a court.

The award of the arbitration is binding.

To learn more about JAMS, you may read Your Quick Guide to JAMS ADR Platform: Mediation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution Services

2. European Union:

Although Shein features the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform, it asserts that they will not participate in it whatsoever, “We are neither obliged nor willing to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.”

Therefore, if you are an EU citizen and wish to resolve any dispute with Shein, you should take your claim to the courts of Ireland or the country where you reside. In this case, you may consider talking to a lawyer for further action.

3. UK, Asia and India:

Similar to citizens of the EU, users and consumers from UK, Asia, and India cannot start any dispute against Shein through any consumer arbitration institution. Therefore, all claims against Shein must be taken to the courts of the UK, Singapore, and India respectively. In this case, you may consider talking to a lawyer for further action.

Shein Order Not Delivered: What To Do Next?

There are many scenarios of not receiving a Shein order but mainly either it is delivered but not received or never delivered in the first place. We will walk you through the step you need to follow in each case.

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Shein Order Delivered but Not Received

If you received an email stating that your order has been delivered to you, but you did not receive anything, you need to:

– Get in touch with the customer service as soon as possible. Shein offers customer service through online chat, phone, or email. Try the online chat option first.

– Explain the situation to the agent and provide them with the delivery details and the tracking number.

– Choose whether you want a reshipment or a refund. The agent will ask you to confirm that you will inform them if the original order arrives.

– If you choose a refund, they will direct you to apply for a refund on the website. Be notified that shipping costs will not be refunded, and you will either pay for the return label or ship at your own expense (the return label costs $7.99 for US buyers, £1.99-£4.5 for EU buyers, and ₹65 for Indians). Read below to see how you can apply for a refund.

Shein Order not Delivered:

If your Shein package was not delivered by the delivery time set by the website, you should:

– Log in to your account and head to the “My Orders” page.

– Select the order in question and check its shipping and delivery details.

– If the order is shipped, you will be able to track it and view its status.

– If you cannot track the order whatsoever, contact the customer service as soon as possible and let them know you want to cancel the order and apply for a refund.

Applying for a Refund

In both scenarios, a refund is a viable option if you don’t want to wait longer for a reshipment or for your order to finally show up. However, you cannot apply for a refund like a regular return case.

If you don’t receive an order that has been shipped, you will not be able to cancel the order nor return it. This is why you have to contact customer service first and explain the situation to them. What you should do next depends on what they advise you to do. If they ask you to apply for a refund, you should:

– Select the order in question on your “My Orders” page

– You will see two options next to your order, track and return. Select return item and proceed as requested.

– Keep in contact with the customer service to properly navigate through the whole process.

– Inform them where you want to receive the refunded amount, your Shein wallet, or your payment account.

Bottom line is, with Shein, you really don’t have much choice when it comes to undelivered, unreceived, or missed orders. You should always get in touch with their customer service if you face any of these unfavorable incidents. Luckily, the multiple contacting options available make resolving issues easier.

Shein PayPal Purchase Disputes

If you use PayPal as your payment method when shopping from Shein, you can resolve payment and refund disputes easily through PayPal’s Resolution Center and benefit from their Buyer Protection.

PayPal Refund Disputes

If you purchased a Shein product using PayPal, but it didn’t arrive at all, you can open a dispute on PayPal and communicate with the seller amicably. If the seller does not refund you within 20 days, escalate a claim. Here’s how to do it:

– Go to the resolution center and select the dispute you wish to escalate.

– Select escalate to PayPal.

– Add any relevant information concerning your situation and submit it.

– PayPal will contact you via email for any updates.

This process usually takes 30 days or less. If you are covered by PayPal’s Buyer Protection, you will be refunded the whole amount plus the original shipping fees.

PayPal Return Disputes

If you are unsatisfied with an item you purchased on Shein via PayPal, but it’s defective or missing parts, PayPal gets your back too. You can return the product through PayPal and get a refund too. If you live in the US and are eligible for the Return Shipping on US service, you can ship the order back free of charge within the US.

Here’s how you can return your purchase through PayPal’s return label:

– Within 45 days from the purchase date, you should initiate the return process on Shein by selecting the return item from the “My Orders” page.

– You will receive return instructions from the customer service.

– Inform the service that you will return the order with PayPal’s shipping label. This means you will not use Shein’s $7.99 return label. You must be notified that your first return on any order will be free when you use Shein’s label.

– Head to MultiOrder shipping and click create new

– Add the required information such as the return address, which is given to you by Shein, and save them.

– Pay and print the label

– PayPal will send you a confirmation email that will include a tracking number. The same will be sent to Shein.

– Once the returned order is received by Shein, your return will be processed within 5 days, and you will receive your refund on your PayPal account.

The cost of the shipping label varies depending on the return address. The good news is you won’t be charged for the printing or the tracking.


When it comes to resolving disputes, Shein offers a very limited number of options. Other than returning defective products that take place directly on their website, they significantly rely on their customer service when it comes to refund, delivery, or payment issues.

Therefore, to receive a refund on a missing or unreceived order, you will need to contact Shein’s customer service to direct you to the process of a reshipment or refund then proceed as detailed above.

However, orders paid using PayPal will get extra options on refunds and returns.

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