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For the Love of ODR!

Justice delayed is justice denied!

This statement always resonates with me when discussing Online Dispute Resolution, ODR. As an advocate for fair and quick resolution of disputes and a Master’s degree holder with a thesis on Online Dispute Resolution, and an experienced Civil Engineer, I always find myself at the crossroads of discussion on ODR.

ODR is far from perfect. It has advantages and disadvantages. However, so are the justice system and alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration.

ODR is actually more popular than you think. You use ODR when disputing business transactions on Paypal or product disputes on e-bay. Unfortunately, many people are skeptical when giving their specific opinions on ODR because they are used to take it for granted but without knowing when or what is it.

In my thesis study on the use of ODR in the UAE; “The use of information technology in adjudication and arbitration of construction industry disputes in the UAE“. (More information, here) it was found that the majority of study participants are likely to accept and utilize new technology in the dispute process even though they are not fully aware of ODR mechanisms.

A similar trend is observed in replies concerning the fear of utilizing new technology and if they are willing to accept ODR in their field of work. The trend is that they would accept ODR; however, they believe that fear of utilizing new technology would likely make parties less inclined towards adopting it.

One can conclude that the lack of a defined spectrum of services that utilize ODR along with the exact consequences for using ODR is what fuels the majority of the ODR arguments.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to:

  1. Educate people on online dispute resolution. The definition of ODR and on the literature surrounding it.
  2. Explain the pros and cons of alternative dispute resolution methods as a whole. This inlcudes the traditional methods such as arbitration and mediation.
  3. Disucss the uses of the current ODR service providers and their abilities.

Besides that, I build on my personal Civil construction and design management experience to discuss the common issues that might face experienced and non-experienced professionals in the field. Whether is it from managing construction disputes or to insurance disputes.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if you want to be engaged in constructive discussions on ODR. The link for my Linkedin account is below;