Your Quick Guide to JAMS ADR Platform: Mediation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution Services

JAMS is an alternative dispute resolution platform. They are focused on resolving business and legal disputes.

JAMS main focus is to provide customized services to clients who can utilize face-to-face, virtual, or a combination of both services. JAMS state that their services are provided at a reasonable professional fee. Also, the estimated time to resolve a client’s matter depends on its complexity.

How much does JAMS fee cost? JAMS administrative fees start with $1,750 and increase to $3,000 if three or more parties are involved. In addition, a case management fee usually at 12% of the disputed amount, is assessed at the term of services. For consumer disputes, the fee is only $250.

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Nowadays, we enjoy services that facilitate our daily activities. But with the increasing number of transactions that we do, there is also a greater likelihood of entering conflicts in them. What would you do if you encounter such problems?

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What is the JAMS Arbitration Platform?

Do you want to settle some business or legal conflicts that you had? JAMS might offer the services that you are looking for! But before we talk about their services, let us understand what JAMS is.

JAMS stays true to their tagline, “We doesn’t just resolve disputes – we solve problems.” Since their platform was established in 1979, they continue to resolve clients’ disputes, and now, they are hailed as the world’s “largest private alternative dispute resolution provider.” (Source)

Furthermore, they have at least 200 associates, consisting of ADR system experts and experienced case managers, and 400 panelists with extensive practice in the legal field. Other than these, they also have specialized facilities and technology needed to maintain their services.

With all these, JAMS was able to handle 18,000 cases every year! These include various issues like personal injury mediations, complex ones, multi-party, and even multimillion-dollar cases. They offer their arbitrations both in the United States and worldwide.

The Origins of JAMS

JAMS is one of the available alternative dispute resolution platforms, and it is still adapting to the demands of their clients. They make sure to uphold their core values – neutrality, integrity, collegiality, collaboration, and diversity – to establish dedicated services to improve their services.

But how did JAMS begin its journey of being the dispute resolution aid that we see now?

They have innovated well over the previous 40 years. JAMs was founded in 1979 by Judge H. Warren Knight. He saw how many potential ADRs have as he witnessed the shortcomings of traditional arbitration of civil cases.

With these in mind, he developed the idea of providing services to alleviate lengthened case times and clogged courts.

The early start of JAMS was faced with doubts as they started to question if people would like to avail these kinds of services since the court offers these as well. But to their surprise, JAMS was eventually made clients accept the ADR field!

Now, JAMS provides fast, cost-effective, and convenient services with its team of panelists and experts. They continue to grow as they are dedicated to this industry.

How Do JAMS Work?

Since we now know how JAMS came about, you might be interested in learning the details on how they offer their services. JAMS uses clauses, rules, and procedures customized for clients so that they can enjoy the benefits of dispute resolution.

One of the main reasons for the sudden soar reputation of JAMS is the attractiveness of the services. They constructed their services in a way that clients can save their time and money. Moreover, procedural options available are proportional to the case per client.

Remote, in-person, and combinations of these are the platforms that JAMS offers. For the remote aspect, Zoom meetings are usually used. This way, you can work on your dispute resolution at the comfort of your homes!

Virtual options are not limited to Zoom meetings. JAMS also offers its platform – the Endispute. This virtual option is operated by CourtCall and can be used if the client does not prefer the Zoom platform.

What You Need To Know About JAMS’ Services

Generally, JAMS offers services under several broad categories.


We can encounter lots of disputes. Availing arbitration services is not unusual, especially now that we are in the world of booming businesses. With JAMS’ arbitration services, face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid arbitration can be offered to you!

JAMS and its arbitrators can give you practical and timely litigation in any of the previous platforms. Parties are faced with a neutral arbitrator. This way, both parties can utilize and process their problem in the most proper protocol and procedures.

Nowadays, we cannot deny that online arbitrations are more preferred given their convenience and flexibility. With JAMS’ arbitration services, parties can offer you flexible schedules!


JAMS also offers mediation processes that are rigorously prepared, creative, and collaborative! They do not give mere sessions as mediations. They diligently have pre-mediation up to post-meditation process to aid their clients to come up with the best dispute resolution.

Neutral Analysis

The services under this category provide clients with fine-tuned arguments and options so that their clients have the correct mindset and expectations throughout the arbitration or mediation procedures.

The neutral analysis services provide clients with a case strategy supplied by experts from the JAMS. Expert opinions from the attorneys of JAMS can help clients gain confidence and develop a good plan in facing their conflicts and resolving them. (Source)

Solutions for Higher Education

Other than the previous services, JAMS also offer solutions for students, faculty, and administrations of college and universities. These institutions also have conflicts arising from them, and JAMS got them covered!

How Much Would These Cost You?

Since cases vary from client to client, the estimated time to resolve a claim was not stated by JAMS. But, JAMS always assures their clients of time-efficient management of their clients.

What we do know, though, are the rates that are offered by JAMS. They mentioned that they have professional fees and administrative fees.

The professional fee refers to the hourly rate of the arbitrators themselves. You may know their rates if you contact a case manager of JAMS.

On the other hand, administrative fees involve a filing fee is $1,750 for two-party issues. If issues involve three or more parties, the filing fee is $3000. This fee must be fully paid for the commencement of proceedings. After the services, a case management fee, which is 12%, will be assessed.

Consumers only need to pay $250 as per JAMS Policy on Consumer Arbitrations.

Other than these fees for the United States, the Internation services have prices as well.

Hint: Our worldwide map for arbitration costs can assist you in estimating your arbitration fees.

What Can You Expect: The Pros and Cons of JAMS

The services from the JAMS platform look promising. Moreover, their reputations stay despite all the years of operation.

The platform offers the benefits of efficient and good quality service. They remain true to their values of neutrality and flexibility. The arbitrators on JAMS are external to the case that they handle. Therefore, they maintain neutrality that offers fairness.

Moreover, their flexibility made them capable of adapting to their clients’ needs and schedules. This way, they can maintain their prestige by accommodating clients efficiently.

Despite all these, JAMS offers services on the more costly spectrum. Their fees are genuinely for commercial and business enterprises.

Moreover, an obvious disadvantage of JAMS is the need for adequate resources. Internet connection and gadgets are necessary if you plan to have virtual arbitration procedures.

In Conclusion

Eventually, JAMS showed that it could be an efficient, responsive, and professional arbitration and mediation platform. Currently there services are more suited towards more complex and expensive disputes. Therefore, for very small cases or projects, we would recommend including other options such as small claims courts.

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