All You Need To Know About The Mediation Room: The Future of Online Mediation

Mediation Room is a company based in the UK that facilitates online dispute resolution by focusing on interest-based mediation. This is done by considering all the interests a party has so the disputants decide by themselves to settle and it’s not the mediator pushing them to settlement.

The Mediation Room is an organization of online dispute resolution field that aims to bring all those under a virtual platform! They provide online mediation for several kinds of cases that you might encounter. Their services are accessible over the internet and hence there is no location barriers.

Disputes inevitably arise between different parties. Also, most of these continue to become a bigger problem because sometimes, people do not understand all the rules and rights that govern specific workspaces.

One of the most suggested ways to help you settle disputes, if you encounter one, is with the aid of a legitimate and knowledgeable person. Since we are now in the age of the internet, everything can be done online!

Hence, the Mediation Room is a product of this age by bringing mediation services into the virtual space! If you are curious about the Mediation Room, then this article is for you. We will explore the relevant information about them, what comprises this organization, and all the great details on it!

The mediation room is a virtual ODR platform

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What is The Mediation Room?

Innovating our daily lives for convenience is always the top priority in our society nowadays. Since the internet gave us the convenience of using services in the comfort of our homes, many activities are being available thru a virtual platform.

Have you heard of online dispute resolution platforms? These are places where problems between certain parties can be facilitated through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or any combination of these. If you do not know what is online dispute resolution “ODR”, then please consider reading this first; What is ODR (Online Dispute Resolution)? What does ODR mean?

The Mediation Room is among the available online dispute resolution platforms steadily improving over the past years. There “robot mediator” is leading the dispute resolution world with its swift developments.

In a nutshell, the Mediation Room is an organization that prioritizes innovation on online dispute resolution. This is called the “robot mediator” because it uses artificial intelligence algorithms as its online tool. In effect, human mediators are switched with the algorithm.

For now, these services can settle disputes assigned to it within less than an hour!

Graham Ross is an expert in online dispute resolution and specializes in resolving problems between shareholders. He made novel techniques to compensate for some issues in traditional dispute resolution. With his skills, he was able to be a co-founder of several online dispute resolution services, including those that function within the Mediation Room.

The Mediation Room was launched by a former Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, at the Law Society. This is a place where various online platforms, services, and organizations were assessed. (Source)

How Does The Mediation Room Work?

The online dispute resolution services provided by the Mediation Room are constructed by expert panel mediators that underwent training. They aim to resolve disputes without unnecessary delay, stress, and hassle of going to court face-to-face.

Moreover, with technological intervention, their services could process cases with either online conduction of consultations or using the artificial intelligence algorithm to help mediators improve the overall process for their assigned cases.

The Mediation Room operates with two main pieces of software for their panels.

These software are Smartsettle and their own platform, the SeeYouOutOfCourt, which CREK-ODR powers.

Smartsettle is a system constructed to do “visual blind bidding.”

This way, parties can put out their disputes on the software. But, these cannot be seen by the other party in question. The rationale for such a design is for a more speedy resolution over a given amount of money put out.

Smartsettle also has a chatbox where parties can talk to one another. The mediator can also utilize this chatbox for discussion of some agreement, conditions, and the like.

This feature is convenient because communication can be done asynchronously at the most convenient time for the users.

This software was eventually developed into Smartsettle Infinity. Smartsettle Infinity is constructed for more complex problems where numerous parties and elements are involved in the settlement.

To clarify, this software does not make the decision making for the case. It mainly improves how the human mediator can control the case’s resolution. With this process, an agreeable solution is eventually concluded for both parties.

On the other hand, the Mediation Room’s own platform software includes a CREK-ODR powered platform. This software provides a comprehensive way to mediate discussions. They are capable of using text discussions or a video conference platform.

The Mediation Room Services: All its Descriptions and Vital Information

The Mediation Room can provide you with a virtual platform that can partially and completely mediate your disputes!

Mediation refers to a wide range of services that mainly assists people in their dispute resolution. Delay, stress, cost, and risks associated with the traditional face-to-face litigations are diminished. Also, mediators on this platform can aid the clients in reaching creative, fair, and reasonable solutions without going through so much hassle that traditional litigation holds. More about mediation in What is Conciliation? What is the difference between conciliation and mediation? and Key Issues for Successful Online Mediation

The services of the Mediation Room fall under three main categories:

  1. Boardroom resolve which helps shareholders resolve their problems.
  2. Smartsettle one (and Infinity) which utilizes AI to settle monetary disputes.
  3. See You Out of Court which consists of a panel of mediators working online.

These are mainly disputes that need to be settled between shareholders. Their services are focused on problems between shareholders’ agreements and the necessary mediation and negotiation process.

Assisting clients or shareholders in their problems is the main task of the Mediation Room’s services. They do active helping of them so that a proper and legitimate course of action can be imposed.

Moreover, they can also do an alternative for the clients where a written negotiation strategy can be given to them. This is an option for clients who want to make the negotiation within themselves

The mediators can help clients by giving lists of legal laws that govern their conflict and subsequently provide options and projected costs and outcomes. Moreover, the mediators can also list possible adverse effects if shareholders do not agree between them.

Furthermore, a shareholders’ agreement can be provided by the mediators, of course, with the consent of the people involved.

What is a shareholder agreement? you might ask. A shareholders’ agreement refers to a contract where all the relationships, procedures, and rules you want for your company are written. This agreement can help you, and your future shareholders avoid disputes.

Other than that, shareholders and investors will be more enticed to your company, and you can eventually work your way up to success!

With all this assistance from the Mediation Room, shareholders become more oriented towards the fact that they need to negotiate for a resolution.

The virtual platform has benefits other than its convenience. It also saves you the hassle of encountering hot-tempered shareholders with whom you have disputes. The remote and virtual setup can powerfully manage that.

Moreover, since their stress and emotions are filtered out, they can think more objectively and focus on their case. However, one must not forget the drawbacks of the lack of human interaction and the individual technological abilities of the disputants. Therefore, a balanced line must be drawn when seeking such services.

Is The Mediation Room Reliable?

Now that you know what the Mediation Room is and its services, the next thing to know about is its reliability. Is the Mediation Room a reliable platform where you can place your trust?

The answer lies in its founders and success. The Mediation Room was constructed by and is currently being innovated by renowned experts in online dispute resolution. Moreover, all their mediators have undergone specialized training that prepared them for these kinds of cases.

From the perspective of a user, this is one of the comments on The Mediation Room and online dispute resolution platforms:

“I agree with Graham wholeheartedly… I think technology will enable the automated resolution of relatively simple, low-hanging-fruit type cases, but the overall increase in demand will cause a jump in the volume of cases that require human assistance as well. ODR is our best bet to expand access to justice while maintaining or improving quality of service…For legal professionals who are open to this future, there will be a lot of opportunity.” (Source)

Other than this, the platform itself proved its edge with its awards through the years. For instance, Smartsettle has been given awards for its innovation in the world of online dispute resolution. The Acquisition International awarded it in 2015 with “Best eNegotiation System” and also bagged the “Award for Innovation in International Dispute Resolution.”

Drawbacks of the Mediation Room

Whilst some issues and unpleasant incidents might occur on the platform, like any other online service, the real drawbacks of the Mediation Room stems from the mediation process itself and to that of ODR. These include:

  • Mediation is usually not compuslory!
  • Mediation will not work if atleast one of the parties is uncooperative or withholding information.
  • Enforcement of decision concerns.
  • Justice and fairness concerns if one or more of the parties are not well versed with technology (internet and online communications).
  • Humans make mistakes ! (Errors and misundertandings).

Moreover, like any dispute, if the parties are willing to negotiate to reach an agreement in good faith then a reasonable and practical outcome will be possible.

You can read more in detail about the pros and cons of ODR in Online Dispute Resolution: The Advantages and Disadvantages.

Our Conclusion

The world is constantly finding ways to pursue the goal of developing convenient but quality services. This is the main reason why online dispute resolution paved its way in the legal and virtual world.

One of the platforms that traversed the path of innovation on dispute resolution is the Mediation Room. You can utilize multiple benefits with the services of the Mediation Room. They are currently innovating and will improve their services to help bring cost-free and delay-free mediation services.

For now, the edge of the Mediation Room is its virtually cost-free services. All you need to do is provide the cost for other legal aspects of your case. Moreover, the estimated time for this varies, but they mentioned that they could cut down the time from three months of mediation to a half-an-hour mediation session!

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