AliExpress Disputes: A Comprehensive Q&A Guide

So you found yourself in an open dispute with an AliExpress seller over an order that hasn’t arrived or one that arrived but damaged?

This guide will show you how to best handle a dispute on AliExpress to ensure the best outcome for you.

It isn’t uncommon for an AliExpress product to get shipped to a different continent, arrive in a completely different shape or color from the one described on the site, or never arrive in the first place.

Many risks and opportunities can arise online

Whether you’ve been in a similar situation or you’re trying to avoid it, here’s a list of Q&As that will definitely come in handy.

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AliExpress Dispute Resolution Process for Buyers

Suppose you just started your dispute resolution process with an AliExpress buyer over an order with which you’re unsatisfied. 

In that case, you should know that AliExpress disputes are resolved in three stages: negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

Let’s break these stages down.

  1. Negotiation

The negotiation stage is the friendly one-on-one discussion you have with the seller with whom you have the dispute. 

Using AliExpress’s built-in messaging tool, you can reach an amicable agreement without the intervention of AliExpress.

This can be an advantageous but tricky way to get a refund or a reshipment. Get more details on the AliExpress negotiation process in our detailed guide.

  1. Mediation

In the event of failing to reach an amicable agreement, the AliExpress case management team will intervene to study your dispute and suggest the best resolution.

  1. Arbitration

If the previous two stages are unsatisfactory, your last resort is arbitration with the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center.

This stage can be a hit or miss, so you should approach it with caution.

Frequent Q&As on AliExpress Disputes:

This list compiles the most frequently asked questions regarding AliExpress’s disputes.

When Can I Open a Dispute on AliExpress?

You should open a dispute if:

  • Your order does not arrive in the estimated time provided by the seller
  • Your order doesn’t arrive at all
  • You received an empty package
  • You received a different product than the one you ordered. This includes colors, size, quantity, or quality.
  • The product you ordered doesn’t resemble the description provided on the product’s page.
  • You received an ungenuine product as opposed to what’s advertised

How to Open a Dispute on AliExpress?

To open a dispute on AliExpress, you should: 

  • Click on the “Open Dispute” button found on the “My Orders” page.
  • Fill the dispute form and make sure to be as thorough and accurate as possible.
  • Add all available proofs, and
  • Submit the dispute form

The seller will have 15 days to reply to your dispute and start the negotiation stage. If you need more details on the procedure, check this AliExpress dispute process guide.

Should I Message the Seller Before Opening a Dispute on AliExpress?

Yes! AliExpress recommends you approach the seller with any concerns before opening a dispute. The seller might be just as eager as you are to reach an agreement.

Besides, this could save you, the seller, and AliExpress plenty of time.

Contacting the seller first also shows that you are willing to negotiate and can earn you some points with the AliExpress case management team.

So definitely contact the seller if you are unsatisfied with your order before initiating a dispute.

I Opened a Dispute on AliExpress, But the Seller Offered Me a Replacement Product If I Agreed to Close It. Should I Agree?

No, you should never agree to close a dispute on AliExpress before you receive a reshipment of a refund.

In the negotiation phase, you and the seller are given plenty of time to agree on a solution before AliExpress intervenes and escalates your dispute.

Once this stage ends, AliExpress will mediate between you, and all solutions must be discussed with them.

The seller can initiate the reshipment process before the dispute is escalated. If they didn’t, they have no intention of settling the issue, and they are probably tricking you.

So never close a dispute after the negotiation phase is over. AliExpress will not be able to protect you against scams if you aren’t careful.

Should I Close My Dispute on AliExpress If the Seller Offers Me a Refund on PayPal?

Never accept a refund on Paypal for an AliExpress purchase. Only scammy sellers will suggest offering you a refund on PayPal, usually as a promise if you close the dispute.

AliExpress payment and refund system provides you with the necessary protection against scammers, and you should take advantage of it.

Moreover, the AliExpress case management team might stop considering your dispute if you don’t take the dispute process seriously.

Try to keep all communications between you and the seller on the AliExpress system, especially the seller’s solutions and calls to action.

Each correspondence between you and the seller is potential proof that can be used either for or against you.

So only accept refunds through the dispute portal, as it’s the only official and safe way to receive one.

How Do I Prove That I received fewer products than I Ordered on AliExpress?

It can be hard to prove that you received fewer pieces and products than you paid for. However, one solid way to do so is by recording the unboxing process in one uninterrupted shot.

Here are a few tips to do this right:

  • Make sure the original packaging, labels, and stamps are visible.
  • Make sure to show the tapes and that the package is unopened
  • Take one long video of the whole process from beginning to end. Never cut or pause the video midway.
  • Count the pieces you found and make sure you do that correctly.
  • If something other than the quantity is different, make sure to point it out.

Usually, a video recording of the unboxing process is strong enough evidence to win you the dispute before the intervention of AliExpress.

The AliExpress Seller Promised to Send Me a New Item If I Close the Dispute. What Should I Do?

Evidence shows that most sellers who make this promise don’t deliver on it. If you want to receive a replacement item, you can either:

  • Contact the seller before opening a dispute and have them reship your order, or
  • Open a dispute and never close it unless the reshipment or refund is initiated.

Closing the dispute for baseless promises will only harm your position. You might not be able to open another dispute for the same order. Worse, the AliExpress case management team will probably ignore your dispute even if you managed to open one.

So keep your high grounds and never close the dispute before the seller initiates it

AliExpress Proposes a Full Refund, But I Need to Return the Goods. Should I Accept?

AliExpress might propose a full refund provided you return the products you received or a partial refund, and you get to keep the products.

What you should do depends on the product’s price, size, and weight, as the shipping fees can be costly compared to the refund value.

If the shipping fees of your item are less than its value and less than the refunded amount, you may take AliExpress’s full refund.

If the shipping fees prove to be much higher, and thus you’d lose more money in the process, take the partial refund.

Even if Aliexpress does not suggest a partial refund, you may suggest it and see what they’d propose.

Usually, they are more than happy to give partial refunds when you get to keep your items.

For a full detailed guide on all your refund scenarios, check out AliExpress Refund FAQ: Tips On How To Successfully Get a Refund.

How Long Can I Wait After the Purchase to Open a Dispute on AliExpress?

All AliExpress sellers can set the delivery time period to up to 60 days. All buyers can open a dispute starting on the 11th day after the seller ships the order up to 15 days after confirming the product’s delivery.

So if you didn’t receive your item within the designated period of time, AliExpress would give you a full refund.

If you received an item that you’re unsatisfied with, you have two weeks (15 days) after delivery to open a dispute.

Be aware that after 15 days from the delivery confirmation, you are no longer under AliExress’s Buyer Protection.

AliExpressPurchase Protection Is Running Out, But Package Is Still in Transit. What Should I Do?

If you received an alert from AliExpress stating that your buyer protection is about to expire while your item hasn’t yet arrived, you may be able to extend it.

To do so, head to the orders pages and:

  • Click “ Request to Extend Purchase Protection”
  • Set the number of days you need to extend
  • Add the reason for the extension request, and finally
  • Confirm your request

Your seller will receive your request and will extend your protection within 48 hours.

Can I Open a Dispute on PayPal If I Paid Used It to Pay on AliExpress?

Yes, if you paid for your AliExpress purchase using PayPal, you can initiate a dispute on PayPal along with your dispute on AliExpress.

PayPal gives you 180 days after payment to open a dispute, which is a lot more than what AliExpress allows.

How to Avoid Raising Several Disputes on AliExpressDue to Delivery Time Without Affecting Account Status?

As you might know, opening many disputes from one account can affect your account negatively, and the AliExpress case management team might stop taking you seriously.

Instead of opening a dispute every time your purchase protection is about to expire, try to expend it. You can do that by sending an extension request to your seller.

Moreover, try to only buy from sellers who have excellent ratings on their delivery times.

Should I Open a Dispute Before or After Buyer Protection Expires on AliExpress?

Whether you should open a dispute before or after your buyer protection expires depends on the reason for the dispute.

If you haven’t received your order, opening a dispute after your protection expires should not affect the outcome of the dispute greatly. 

If you received the order but you’re unsatisfied with it, you must keep any dispute within the period of your protection. All disputes regarding orders that have arrived are best initiated before the buyer protection expires.

If you find that your buyer protection is about to expire, you can ask for an extension.

A dispute will probably not work in your favor if your protection is expired.

AliExpress Order Was Returned by Customs? What To Do?

All custom-related issues are the responsibility of the buyer. However, you can contact your seller and inform them that the customs returned your order. If opening a dispute is necessary, make sure to provide enough proofs to sustain your claim.

If you have a great account record, you might be eligible for a partial refund in this case.

I Made a Mistake in the AliExpress Delivery Address. What Should I do?

This question has a twofold answer depending on the status of your order.

  1. If your order is still being shipped by the seller, you can contact the seller and inform them that you entered the wrong delivery address.

If they are a legitimate seller, they’ll change it to the right address you provide with no issues.

If you hear nothing from your seller, cancel your order immediately.

  1. If your order is already shipped or delivered, there isn’t much you can do. You may try to contact the courier to get the contact information of the person who received your order from the address you provided.

If the address you provided is nonexistent or if nobody lives there, your order might be returned to the seller. In this case, you can negotiate a partial refund with the seller since the product is returned.

There’s no guarantee that this will work, but you can try anyway.

Can I Get Banned on AliExpress for Doing a Visa/Credit Card Chargeback? 

Yes, you might get banned by AliExpress if you do a chargeback. 

A chargeback is a solid option if you’re refused a refund despite receiving a damaged or mismatched product. However, leave it as a last resort as it might be really unnecessary.

Most often than not, AliExpress will resolve your dispute favorably if you provide strong proof of the damages.

What Is the Best Way to Dispute Counterfeit Products on AliExpress?

AliExpress has a protection program especially designated against counterfeit products. Under this protection program, you can get up to three times the amount you paid as a refund. 

However, this is only available for sellers registered in the program and who sell eligible items.

To avoid buying a counterfeit product, it’s better to only buy from sellers who are part of this program, which will have a special badge on their profiles.

However, even if your seller doesn’t include this type of protection, you can simply provide proof that the item you received is not a genuine piece. This can be a label, material details, or brand name.


AliExpress is a great marketplace for affordable products, but you can easily fall victim to a scam or just get unlucky.

It is always best to check your seller’s ratings and history before making any purchase, but especially a huge one.

If you’re in a situation where you need to open a dispute, make sure you follow the dispute process correctly and in order.

Moreover, make sure you have substantial evidence to back up your claim.

It is always helpful to read our guides before you shop on AliExpress.

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